Game Dev | Null by Claire Blackshaw

True Stories from Making Games


True stories collected and drawn from making video games.

This is an industry of make believe where we make fantasy reality but at a cost. The insane day to day is filled with fun tales of nerf guns and late night pizza. All the time a darker side lies on the edge from broken lives to homeless developers waiting on that final paycheck is on the edges of our industry.

This is a collection of true accounts, washed and anonymised for you, a cathartic telling from me and my friends in the industry. I’ve tried to balance the humorous absurd with the dark. In my development doodles I hope to show you not the day to day but the unusual moments.

So you can laugh and identify with them but also if you ever face stories like these in your own life you know you are not alone. I hope you share your tales with your friends and ask for help when you need it, and if you are just curious about development I hope this shows you another side.

Pipe Null Tales
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