Lockhart Mansion by D.H.DHAENENS



A female-fronted, unique look into a fashion subculture with a supernatural twist. Three students move into a haunted house, will their friendship survive mysterious hauntings and auction snipers?

Lockhart Mansion is a story of friendship, fashion and frights. Ramona, George and Valiant are three good friends who decide to rent a house together for the academic year. When things start going bump in the night, it’s up to them to solve the mystery.

Ramona is the chaos demon of the group. With her bright red hair and versatile wardrobe, she can find a coord to match any theme.

It’s a tough job being a sweet lolita, but Valiant can take it. While she is considered the baby of the group, she can be strong.

George is the gothic lolita of the group. With her elegance and stoicism it looks like not much ever bothers her. Except maybe morning classes.

Lockhart Mansion is the fifth book by author D.H. Dhaenens, where she delves into her love of lolita fashion and its community. Come explore what it means to be a lolita and solve the mystery of Lockhart Mansion!

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